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Welcome to the Public Research Hub

This page has been set up for you to view our publicly available research. All research at the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is proprietary to our member community for a 6-month period. All of the research listed here is now publicly available under a creative commons license. The BRI publishes research deliverables under the following categories:


Lighthouse Case-Studies

These shorter research deliverables provide an overview of blockchain use-cases, solutions, platforms, applications, and technologies.


Big Idea Whitepapers

These deliverables provide a long-form and in-depth look at a topic, providing a thorough analysis of  blockchain themes, problems, solutions, implementation strategies, and potential uses.

Featured Research Deliverables

Blockchain for Saving Our Seas

Authored by Hilary Carter

This case study looks at how blockchain technology could help us preserve marine life in our ocean ecosystems. It spotlights the work of Ocean Marine Blockchain Solutions, in collaboration with the Girguis Lab at Harvard University and the Jamaican agency Alligator Head Foundation. Together they’re creating a digital and economic data framework that is reframing the situation from an environmental problem to an economic opportunity, which may succeed in driving a much-needed sea change. Read the report.

Blockchain Solutions in Pandemics

Authored by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

This research report explores the challenges and opportunities resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring how global leaders can adapt to the crisis and lead digital transformation, paving the way for economic recovery. Read the report.

Going Cashless

Authored by J. Christopher Giancarlo

On 28 April 2020, the BRI hosted a webinar featuring Chris Giancarlo, former chairman of the former chair of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and co-director of the Digital Dollar Project. This is an edited transcript of the proceedings. It distinguishes among three types of cryptocurrencies—distributed (Bitcoin), corporate (Libra), and central bank (US digital dollar). Giancarlo explains how blockchain technology opens up new policy options and how digital currencies differ from other financial assets. He argues for modernization of our financial infrastructure and regulation, with a US digital dollar as the global reserve currency. Read the report.

Case Studies

Food Traceability on Blockchain:
Walmart’s Pork and Mango Pilots with IBM

Reshma Kamath, September 2017

Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain: MOOG Creating Efficient Global Supply Chains

Prema Shrikrishna and Vineet Narula, September 2017

Foxconn 4.0:
How Blockchain Can Handle the World’s Most Complicated Supply Chain

Nolan Bauerle, October 2017

Blockchain at our Borers:
US Customs and Border Protection Explores Blockchain

Alan D. Cohn, November 2017

Halls of Fame and Blockchain:
Votem’s Blockchain Solution in the Electoral Process

Bill Gillies, November 2017

Medical and Biopharma Research:
Managing Genetic and Health Data on Blockchain

Michael Scott, December 2017

Agriculture on the Blockchain:
Sustainable Solutions for Food, Farmers, and Financing

Henry Kim and Marek Laskowski, December 2017

Enabling IoT and the Universal Sharing Network

Alan Majer, December 2017

Diamonds on the Blockchain:
Building a Global Digital Ledger for Valuable Assets

Anthony D. Williams, December 2017

The Future of Retail Payments:
How Merchants are Adapting to the Age of Crypto

Abhishek Punia, January 2018

The Future of Travel:
How Winding Tree is Using Blockchain to Transform Business

Mayank, February 2018

Business Licensing:
Governance for Government Blockchains

Alan Wunsche, March 2018

Social Media on the Blockchain:
AKASHA and Censorship-Resistant Communications

Hilary Carter, April 2018

Belt and Road Blockchain Consortium:
Building Digital Trust for Cross Border Trade

Prema Shrikrishna and Vineet Narula, May 2018

Utility Settlement Coin:
The Need for Digital Currencies in Banking

Massimo Morini, May 2018

Consolidating Multiple Ledgers With Blockchain:
A Single Ledger for Government of Canada Accounts

Anthony Williams, November 2018

How Blockchain Can Help Regulators:
A Case for Piloting Government Agency Projects

Alan Majer, December 2018

India’s Land Registry and Blockchain:
How Blockchain Instils Trust in Haryana India

Anthony Williams, December 2018

Blockchain for Smart City Infrastructure:
The Case of Dubai

Alastair Marke, February 2019

Ride Sharing on the Blockchain:
Eva’s Community-Based Model to Create Value

Vineet Narula, February 2019

Certifying Copyright in Canada on Blockchain:
How the Canadian Intellectual Property Office Can Prepare for the Future

Davide Cargnello and Matt Jackson, March 2019

Using Blockchain to Power the 5G Bypass:
The Disruptive Potential of Mesh Networks

Charlie Morris and Dieter Fishbein, May 2019

Cryptocurrency For Ohio Tax Payments:
The Buckeye State’s Bold Initiative

Alastair Marke, May 2019

Changing the Still Image Marketplace on the Blockchain

Robert Klein, June 2019

Transforming Plastic Pollution Using Blockchain:
Toward a World Without Single-Use Plastic Packaging Waste

Michael Peshkam, August 2019

Mt Pelerin Banking on the Blockchain: The Rise of Legally Compliant Protocols

Gabriel Jaccard, April 2020


Blockchain and the CMO:
The Next Era of Marketing

Jeremy Epstein, September 2017

The Token Economy:
When Money Becomes Programmable

Michael J. Casey, September 2017

Blockchain Takes Off:
How DLT Will Transform Airlines

Chami Akmeemana, October 2017

Building a Framework for Blockchain Adoption:
What CEOs Should Know

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, October 2017

Managing Blockchain Transparency:
Strategies for a Private/Open World

Andreas Park, November 2017

How Blockchain is Transforming Creative Industries:
Copyright and Rights Management on Blockchain

Marcus O’Dair, November 2017

The Ledger of Every Thing:
What Blockchain Can Do for the IoT

Dominique Guinard, November 2017

Quantum-Proofing the Blockchain

Vlad Gheorghui, Sergey Gorbunov, Michele Mosca, and Bill Munson, November 2017

Introducing Asset Chains:
The Blockchain Enabled Future of Supply Chains

Tom Serres and Bettina Warburg, November 2017

Winning Strategies for Smart Contracts:


Nick Szabo, December 2017

The Convergence of Big Data and Blockchain:
Disrupting the Business of Data Analytics

Mark van Rijmenam, December 2017

Distributed Connectivity:
The Blockchain Enabled Future of Telecom

Christian Keil, December 2017

Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain:
Toward a New Era in Precision Medicine

Axel Schumacher, January 2018

The Networked Hotbeds of Blockchain:
Global Hubs for the Internet’s Second Era

Don Tapscott, Hilary Carter, and Jill Rundle, January 2018

The Nine Disruptions:
A New Social Contract for the Digital Economy

Don Tapscott, January 2018

Reinventing International Clearing and Settlement:
How DLT Could Transform Global Payments


Bob Tapscott, January 2018

Distributed and Collaborative Marketplaces:
Blockchain Serving the Unbanked

Rachel W. Robinson, January 2018

Blockchain and the Global CIO:
How DLT Will Transform Enterprise Architecture

Oliver Bussmann, January 2018

Patents and blockchain Innovation:
Strategic Approaches to Intellectual Property

Thomas M. Isaacson, January 2018

Blockchain and the CHRO:
Transforming the HR Function and Talent Market

Andy Spence, January 2018

Blockchain, The Emerging Platform for Manufacturing 4.0:
Major Use Cases and Challenges

Dr. Stefan Hopf, January 2018

Blockchain For Planetary Stewardship:
Using DLT to Fight Climate Disruption

Tom Baumann, January 2018

Standardized and Decentralized:
Rethinking the Blockchain Technology Stack

Christian Keil, February 2018

Financing Open Blockchain Ecosystems:
Toward Compliance and Innovation in ICOs


COALA, March 2018

Regulatory Framework for Token Sales:
Laws and Regulations Across Jurisdictions

COALA, April 2018

The Lion, the Unicorn and the Crown:
Balancing Regulation and Blockchain Innovation

Joel Telpner, May 2018

Blockchain Revolution in Higher Education:
Preparing for Disruption, Leading the Transformation

Don Tapscott, May 2018

Governance of Blockchain Systems:
Governance of and by Distributed Infrastructure


COALA, June 2018

Distributed Power:
How Blockchain Will Transform Energy Markets

Lawrence Orsini, October 2018

Saving the Web:
How Blockchain Can Secure the Future of the Digital Age

Don Tapscott and Christian Keil, November 2018

Blockchain and the Chief Strategy Officer:
How DLT Will Transform Strategy Design and Delivery

Brightline Initiative and the BRI, July 2019

Blockchain In Global Trade:
Revitalizing International Commerce in the Digital Era

Deloitte Inc., April 2019

Distributed Artificial Intelligence:
Blockchain as an Operating Platform for AI

Anjan Vinod and Don Tapscott, March 2019

Blockchain Revolution in Higher Education and Lifelong Learning:
Preparing for Disruption, Leading the Transformation

Don Tapscott, Alex Kaplan and IBM, April 2019

Blockchain and the Project Management Office:
A Distributed Platform for Strategy Delivery

Anthony Williams and Brightline Initiative, April 2019

Blockchain, Exchanges and Regulation:
Exploring the Impact of Decentralized Asset Management

Chase Smith, May 2019

Blockchain Identity Services:
Technical Benchmark of Existing Blockchain-Based Identity Systems

COALA, July 2019

Non-Fungible Tokens:
Transforming the Worlds of Assets, Gaming, and Collectibles

Alan Majer, August 2019

Journey to Blockchain:
A Non-Technologist’s Guide to the Internet of Value

Hilary Carter, September 2019

Issued Patents on Blockchain Innovation:
Strategic Approaches to Intellectual Property Claims

Thomas M. Isaacson, August 2019

Autonomous Vehicles and Blockchain:
How a DLT System Could Fund the Next Generation of Transportation Infrastructure

David Mirynech, August 2019



Don Tapscott, February 2020

Cryptoeconomics: Designing Effective Incentives and Governance Models for Blockchain Networks Using Insights from Economics

Dr. Cathy Barrera and Dr. Stephanie Hurder, January 2020