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Your search results Enabling IoT and the Universal Sharing Network
File Type: Document, Infographic
Dec 21, 2017 - This case study investigates how the start-up is deploying blockchain technology to enable a true sharing economy through its "universal sharing network." It describes how the company’s inspiration came from an attempted high-tech heist and outlines the conditions necessary for such a sharing platform to succeed.
Building a Framework for Blockchain Adoption: What CEOs Should Know
File Type: Document, Infographic
Oct 26, 2017 - This work helps CEOs to develop strategy around implementing and commercializing this new disruptive technology. CEOs must pick the right change agents to identify the problems to be solved with the technology so that the company picks the right pilot project. CEOs also need a strategy for communicating about that pilot with multiple stakeholders, learning from it whether it succeeds or not, and socializing lessons so that the company continues to experiment with the new technology.
Distributed and Collaborative Marketplaces
File Type: Document, Infographic
Jan 22, 2018 - Blockchain technology could enable cooperative models for organizing capital and capability, exchanging value, and managing risk peer to peer. This research project explores distributed marketplaces for insurance and financial assets, where peers amass large pools of liquidity on the blockchain, smart contracts pay liabilities, and artificial intelligence calculates actuarial risk.
Issued Patents on Blockchain Innovation
File Type: Document, Infographic
Aug 31, 2019 - This project surveys patents issued globally in the blockchain space, compares them to the nature and volume of patents in the Internet space, and puts them into categories of innovation. The author walks through a careful analysis of the claims of issued patents, for companies to decide whether to avoid such patents or to design around their claims. He identifies deficiencies in the patent office review of prior art, which—when rectified—could render a patent invalid. Finally, he discusses strategic uses of patent offices and the federal court system in the defense of or dispute over an issued patent.
Blockchain In Commercial Insurance
File Type: Document, Infographic
Nov 21, 2019 - Insurance is a significant industry worldwide: in 2017, total global gross written premiums tallied $4.8 trillion. In this white paper, Henry Kim and Muhammad Izhar Mehar of the Schulich School of Business offer clear guidance for evaluating potential blockchain use cases in commercial insurance. They take a “first principles” approach rooted in historical and economic perspectives and provide a more scientific framework for comparisons. It is a practical work for professionals responsible for sizing up the potential of distributed ledger technology in the insurance industry.
Blockchain and the Disruption of the Life Insurance Industry
File Type: Document, Infographic
Dec 23, 2019 - This research explores how blockchain technologies could address the challenges of the market for life insurance. Through initiatives such as open IDL and consortia such as B3i and The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative, the insurance industry is exploring use cases where blockchain could deliver near-seamless automated processes, more secure data sharing, uniform compliance, and better fraud prevention. New business models such as peer-to-peer insurance and insurance-as-a-service will likely gain traction as insurance technology start-ups move into life insurance.