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Your search results Enabling IoT and the Universal Sharing Network
File Type: Document, Infographic
Dec 21, 2017 - This case study investigates how the start-up is deploying blockchain technology to enable a true sharing economy through its "universal sharing network." It describes how the company’s inspiration came from an attempted high-tech heist and outlines the conditions necessary for such a sharing platform to succeed.
Winning Strategies for Smart Contracts
File Type: Document, Infographic
Dec 04, 2017 - The definitive work on smart contracts for entrepreneurs, business executives, leaders of large global organizations, and the legal profession that serves them.
Financial Derivatives with Blockchain and Smart Contracts
File Type: Document, Infographic
Mar 17, 2020 - This research underscores the importance of financial derivative contracts as use cases for blockchain technology in general and for smart contracts in particular. Blockchain and decentralized apps can increase transparency, automate the movement of collateral, reduce the need for reconciliation, and automate the management of covenants against counterparty default.
Blockchain For Smart City Infrastructure
File Type: Document, Infographic
Feb 11, 2019 - This case study outlines Dubai’s plans to transform itself into a smart city, enabled by blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data analytics. It maps out how Dubai is automating its real estate and utilities management and looks ahead to its use of blockchain for identity management, land registry, and new utilities business models.
Blockchain, the Emerging Platform for Manufacturing 4.0
File Type: Document, Infographic
Jan 29, 2018 - This research paper explains how distributed ledgers will serve as open platforms for the fourth industrial revolution, enabling the integration of additive manufacturing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data analytics across supply chains, from design and sourcing to delivery and usage. It illustrates the concepts of smart products, smart factories, digital end-to-end engineering, and mass customization through use cases.
Regulation: The Lion, The Unicorn, And The Crown
File Type: Document, Infographic
May 10, 2018 - In this research project, Joel Telpner gives us a guided tour of regulatory risk. Pulling lessons from regulating innovation in telecommunications and the financial markets, he focuses on the extent to which the blockchain represents unprecedented regulatory challenges. He advocates a level-headed approach to determining when regulation is necessary and, in such cases, the form that regulation should take, so as to minimize the unintended consequences. Using illustrations by the legendary political cartoonist John Tenniel and passages from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass: and What Alice Found There, Telpner gives executiv...