Toronto, CANADA; October 15, 2020 – Global Blockchain Organization (GBO) is joining forces with the Blockchain Research Institute ™ (BRI) and MCI Canada to expand the reach of Blockchain Revolution Global 2020 (BRG) to Asia and Africa. BRG is returning for its second year as an all-virtual series of speakers, panels, and presentations on a spectacular new platform built to engage a global audience. This premier enterprise blockchain conference will run during Global Blockchain Week, a week of programming running from October 26-30.

After the success of the inaugural BRG conference in 2019, we are inviting global leaders in blockchain innovation to partner with us for BRG 2020. BRG is the first worldwide enterprise leadership community for blockchain, where we bring together the foremost experts, innovators, researchers, and thought leaders to accelerate digital transformation.

BRG 2020 will build upon the success of our virtual Enterprise Blockchain Awards gala held back in July. The virtual Enterprise Blockchain Awards leveraged extraordinary technology like holograms, and virtual stages, to host a truly memorable ceremony that re-imagined events for the pandemic age.

BRG 2020 will highlight speakers from across the enterprise blockchain ecosystem, including FedEx President & COO Raj Subramaniam, and FedEx CIO Rob Carter. The event will feature presentations from global organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, P&G, HSBC, ANZ Bank, WeTrade, World Trade Organization, World Bank, UNICEF, Microsoft, Sick Kids Hospital, MIT, INSEAD, Everledger, ConsenSys Health, and many more.

We look forward to partnering with many global organizations at this year’s Blockchain Revolution Global conference – and we welcome others to partner with us as we inspire, educate, and transform our audiences, helping them to realize the new promise of the digital economy. Register for Blockchain Revolution Global today.

For partnership inquiries, please contact:

Jorge Sebastiao
CEO and Executive Board Member
Global Blockchain Organization