The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), the world’s largest independent blockchain think-tank, is launching a new wave of global expansion into Africa, the Middle East, and Korea. BRI Africa will be launched in partnership with Standard Bank Group, while BRI Middle East will be launched in partnership with Konnect & Co., and BRI Korea will be launched in partnership with BOSAGORA Foundation.

These new global partnerships will establish Blockchain Research Institute think-tanks to promote education, innovation and adoption in their regions of expertise. The BRI will work with global partners in Africa, the Middle East, and Korea to coordinate sustainable innovation in their regional ecosystems, alongside current global partners in Europe and Brasil.

“The world is poised for a post-pandemic, economic expansion and technological renaissance and industrial disruption. Now is the time for us to help companies and governments around the world navigate the turbulent waters ahead,” said Don Tapscott, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the BRI.

“Standard Bank Group has been a pioneer in leveraging blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to bring speed and transparency to our large and growing customer base across Africa. We believe that this development will form a key part of our efforts to drive digital transformation and will be of great benefit to both our clients and the continent that we call home,” said Ian Putter, Head of Blockchain at Standard Bank Group.

Taking a decentralized approach to driving digital transformation, the BRI and its global partners will establish hubs of innovation to research, educate and strategize how blockchain and other emerging technologies can be implemented across business, government and society.

“By collaborating with leading regional partners who share our vision and ambition, we are bringing together diverse voices to steward these technologies toward a better, more sustainable world,” said Dr. Joan Bigham Ed.D., Global Managing Director of the BRI.

“The world is taking a big leap towards a new era of artificial intelligence and the internet of value with blockchain being at its heart. The time is right now for the Middle East to join and be part of this historical change. Konnect & Co is proud to play the major role in this shift by associating with the world leader in Blockchain Research and Technology, the BRI,” said Aline Daoud, Managing Director of Konnect & Co.

With a growing member community featuring enterprises, governments and start-ups from around the world, the BRI and its global partners will bring together industry leaders, academics, policymakers and entrepreneurs to undertake research on blockchain technology, bridging the gap between the technical functionality of blockchain and real market solutions.

“There is tremendous value to be unlocked here and we want to help businesses and governments worldwide navigate, accelerate and lead the blockchain revolution,” said Alex Tapscott, Co-founder of the BRI.

Korea is one of the most wired countries, and also has the most crypto-friendly population among other countries. By establishing BRI Korea, we believe we can bring good research work to share with all, as well as contribute to the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Korea,” said Inhwan Kim, President of BOSAGORA Foundation.

The BRI will continue to seek partnerships with leading organizations to launch international think-tanks. To learn more about BRI Africa, BRI Brasil, BRI Europe, BRI Middle East, and BRI Korea, please visit


Noah Lehman

Director of Communications

Blockchain Research Institute