Toronto, CANADA; March 10, 2022President Biden’s Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets marks an important moment for the new digital economy, as the United States seeks to guide the rollout, regulation, and use of digital assets in American markets. 

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is pleased to see meaningful actions taken toward realizing a new digital economy. We share the Biden-Harris administration’s vision for a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable financial order. It is our hope that through their leadership, the nascent blockchain economy will be handled with care, with diligence, and in a way that will drive innovation while countering threats to national security and financial wellbeing. 

We believe the future of the digital economy will rest on a blockchain foundation, with digital assets playing a fundamental role. If the democratic world is to remain at the forefront of economic transformation, then our governments must take leading roles in the emerging digital economy, embracing digital assets as drivers of economic value in the 21st century.  

Last year, we authored a comprehensive research report titled, “New Directions for Government in the Second Era of the Digital Age: Strategy, Policy, and Action for the Biden-Harris Administration.” The report called for leaders around the world to implement strategies and policies that embrace blockchain, digital assets, and other emerging technologies. This executive order is a positive step toward realizing the main directions and recommendations of our report and make it more relevant than ever.

As we continue to weather a period of unprecedented health, economic, and geopolitical disruption, emerging technologies like blockchain, digital assets, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things will serve as much-needed tools to build a better world. It is our hope that free nations everywhere will consider taking equally bold and decisive actions to steward the development of these transformative innovations. 



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Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of technology on business and society having authored 16 widely read books. He has coined many concepts that are part of the business lexicon today and is sought by corporate and government leaders globally. He is the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, an Adjunct Professor at INSEAD, and recently a two-term Chancellor of Trent University in Ontario and Member of The Order of Canada.

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