Toronto, CANADA; January 10, 2023 – The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is proud to announce the launch of its latest program, designed to drive innovation and advance adoption of Web3 technologies among business, government, and society.

The program, entitled “Toward Web3: Digital Assets, Digital Transformation,” aims to help organizations understand the potential uses and benefits of Web3 technologies, and provide guidance on how to successfully integrate blockchain into their operations.

The 2023 program will offer a range of deliverables in five main categories: community, research, education, action, and influence.



“The foundation of the new program is community,” explains Don Tapscott, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the BRI. “Many of the problems our Members are trying to solve are decentralized, diverse, and multi stakeholder in nature. By participating in our program, Members will gain access to our global network of experts and practitioners, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate with other Members through our online and in-person events.”

BRI’s Membership comprises over 115 organizations, including global corporations, government agencies, academic institutions, non-profits, technology start-ups, and industry associations.

In addition to the BRI’s standard Membership benefits—such as access to the BRI research library, online courses, an executive briefing, and co-branding opportunities—the new program also offers Members the opportunity to customize deliverables to meet their unique needs.  For example, Members will have the option to request custom research projects, custom courses, and bespoke advisory services.

“We strongly believe that 2023 will be the year when blockchain really starts to succeed in the enterprise,” said Douglas Heintzman, Chief Catalyst at the BRI. “We believe that we are entering the new year with a maturing technology stack, more and better skill, and more knowledge about what works and doesn’t work. We also believe that there are important problems, such as carbon tracking, digitization of supply chains, and modernization of healthcare that desperately need to get solved and for which Web3 and blockchain are fundamental to the solution.”

The BRI 2023 program is open to organizations of all sizes and sectors, and will be offered both in-person and online. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Andrew Facciolo, Director of Client Experience ( for more information on BRI Membership.

About the Blockchain Research Institute:

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is an independent, global think tank founded by Don and Alex Tapscott and funded by an international membership of start-ups, corporations, and government agencies. Its multimillion-dollar research program consists of well over 100 projects on the strategic impact of digital assets, distributed applications, and blockchain technology on business and society. Its mission is to help prepare private- and public-sector leaders in their roles as catalysts of change, ushering in Web3 and the second era of the digital economy.