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Digital Assets:
Digital Transformation

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is the world’s largest independent think-tank for blockchain and related technologies. We’ve been studying the blockchain phenomenon since the 2016 publication of Blockchain Revolution, co-authored by Don and Alex Tapscott and we have conducted over 100 research projects investigating blockchain related opportunities and challenges to industry, governments, and organizations. Today, the Institute is one of the most recognizable organizations stewarding blockchain education and thought leadership for government and enterprise member.


Now and through 2022, BRI is pleased to continue its research focus on the strategic issues of managing the transformations that blockchain technology enables through the Digital Assets: Digital Transformation program. With a new series of ground-breaking deliverables led by global experts, we will continue to identify and explain key application opportunities, while also exploring the challenges to be overcome and critical strategies and tactics for success.



The blockchain technology that will enable, secure, and formalize the digital relationships shaping the future of the enterprise, government, and the global economy has arrived. Converging with AI and IoT we call it trivergence.


There are multiple ways we work with member companies including over-the-horizon blockchain research and use cases, building c-suite awareness, company-wide education, custom research projects, and marketplace influence. Things are moving fast, and BRI is uniquely positioned to help you tackle the urgent need for insights, education, and analysis. At BRI, we work to inspire private- and public-sector leaders to be the catalysts of the blockchain revolution.

Digital Assets: Digital Transformation

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"The future is not something to be predicted. It's something to be achieved." –Don Tapscott

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Our cutting edge multi-million-dollar research program is funded by our members – leading corporate and government organizations around the world including IBM, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, PepsiCo, Tencent, Fujitsu, Salesforce, TCS, Reliance Industries, FedEx, Pfizer and others. BRI Membership is available to Enterprise organizations, Governments, Academic Institutions, non-profits, Trade Associations, and select Blockchain Start-ups.

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