Alex Tapscott Weighs in on China ICO Ban

Bitcoin tumbled a couple of week's ago after China’s central bank announced a ban on initial coin offerings (ICO). BNN spoke with Alex Tapscott, Founder of the BRI and CEO of NextBlock Global, whose firm aims to the be the first publicly-traded company to focus on...
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Blockchain Research Institute: Fall 2017 Project Release List

After months of hard work, research and planning we are thrilled to finally announce the official list of projects set for release in fall of 2017. 1. Industry Analyses Blockchain and Financial Services Projects Peer to Peer Finance: Distributed and Collaborative...
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Alex Tapscott Launches $20 Million Digital Asset Investment Firm – NextBlock Global

Alex Tapscott, the co-author of the book "Blockchain Revolution," and Co-Executive Director of the Blockchain Research Institute just launched a new digital asset investment firm backed by $20 million in financing. Called NextBlock Global, the new firm will focus on...
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World Economic Forum & BRI Publish Blockchain Governance Report

A new report suggests a framework for international collaboration should be built around the technology. Download the Full Report HERE The World Economic Forum (WEF)—the international nonprofit published a 46-page report last week about the "stewardship of blockchain...
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Canadian Government Agencies Join Tapscott-Led Blockchain Research Effort

The government of Canada, along with several provincial and municipal administrations, has joined a prominent blockchain research effort. Announced today, the Blockchain Research Institute, founded in March by “Blockchain Revolution” authors Don and Alex Tapscott,...
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Animal Ventures Partners with Don and Alex Tapscott in New Research Vertical

VIA- Tom Serres' Medium Post During the dawn of the Internet in the early 1990s, everyone watched on as the world began to adopt this brand new technology on a large scale. We believe that the Internet is once again at the beginning of a new age, specifically when it...
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Record Breaking Turn Out For The Biggest Blockchain Meetup In Canadian History

On Monday May 8 2017 Fintech Canada hosted the biggest blockchain event in Canadian history at the MaRS Discovery District.  Over 1200 people attended with many being turned away at the door because of capacity restrictions at the venue. Our very own Alex Tapscott...
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Alex Tapscott Attends First IMF’s First ‘High Level’ Meeting on Blockchain

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the first-ever meeting of its High Level Advisory Group on FinTech today, a group that features a significant contingent of senior-level blockchain executives. In total, 14 participants attended a panel leading up to a...
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Toronto-based blockchain institute launched!

A multi-million-dollar Toronto-based research initiative, the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), was launched on Thursday to study the emerging technology. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer transfer system that eliminates the need for middlemen by trusting the power of...
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How The Blockchain is Changing Money and Business

What is the blockchain? If you don't know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less...
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News From Our Members

Nuco’s “Aion” network provides a way to communicate between multiple blockchains

As blockchains begin to gain in popularity, a need is developing to enable them to communicate with one another. That would require a networking infrastructure to facilitate that communication, and that’s precisely what Nuco, a Toronto-based startup is trying to do...
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Blockchain Identity Startup Civic Partners With How-To Website WikiHow

Popular how-to website wikiHow is partnering with blockchain startup Civic to boost login security for its users. According to the two companies, the partnership will see wikiHow offering its users the ability to swap out their old login methods for Civic's mobile...
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Walmart and 9 Food Giants Team Up on IBM Blockchain Plans

Walmart and a group of food giants are teaming up with IBM to explore how to apply blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledger tech, to their food supply chains. The coalition includes retailers and food companies such as Unilever (UL, -1.15%), Nestlé ,...
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Paycase plans Canadian Bitcoin exchange launch by end of year

Not long ago, Paycase chief executive Joseph Weinberg was getting laughed out of boardrooms with his bold predictions about how Bitcoin will change the world. In 2014 Weinberg co-founded Paycase, a company that uses Bitcoin to help people transfer money around the...
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Irving Wladawsky-Berger: Should You Get on the Blockchain Learning Curve?

Blockchain Research Institute faculty member, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, deconstructs the question of whether and when to start investing in blockchain technology by reviewing the leadership lessons learned in the early days of the Internet. -------------- Should Your...
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Ten Law Firms Join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

No, code isn't law, but if the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance's new members have anything to say about it, that might someday change. Today, the alliance announced that ten law firms and four legal institutions that specialize in blockchain technology have joined the...
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IBM Unveils Blockchain Supply Chain Trial

A major port operator in Singapore has inked a deal to work with IBM and a regional shipping firm to test a new blockchain-based supply chain network. Announcing the news, PSA International, which operates ports in Asia, South America and Europe, said today that it...
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Fujitsu To ‘Commercialize’ Hyperledger Fabric Software By Next Year

The research arm of Japanese IT firm Fujitsu has unveiled new technology it developed for the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain project as part of a plan to commercialize the software by next spring. Billed as a means to speed up the rate of transactions for...
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Nuco Builds Tokenized Blockchain ‘Bridge’ for Enterprise Applications

Nuco, a startup founded by a group of former Deloitte employees, has released a new white paper detailing its latest blockchain initiative. Dubbed Aion, the proposed technology aims to connect different blockchains, including private networks operated by enterprises....
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SAP’s chief strategy officer: “Blockchain is not a zero-sum game”

Blockchain is not a zero-sum game and its implementation across various sectors is going to be an overall positive for businesses, German software company SAP's chief strategy officer said Wednesday. Deepak Krishnamurthy spoke to CNBC on the sidelines of the World...
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Identity Start Up “Civic” sells $33 million in digital currency tokens in public sale

U.S. startup Civic has sold $33 million in digital currency tokens for its identity verification project in a public sale, the company's co-founder and Chief Executive Vinny Lingham told Reuters. The sale is the latest so-called initial coin offering (ICO), in which...
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AIG teams with IBM to use blockchain for ‘smart’ insurance policy

By Suzanne Barlyn Insurer American International Group Inc has partnered with International Business Machines Corp to develop a "smart" insurance policy that uses blockchain to manage complex international coverage, the companies said on Wednesday. AIG and IBM...
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Accenture, Microsoft team up on blockchain-based digital ID network

By Anna Irrera | NEW YORK Accenture Plc and Microsoft Corp are teaming up to build a digital ID network using blockchain technology, as part of a United Nations-supported project to provide legal identification to 1.1 billion people worldwide with no official...
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Nuco Launches Blockchain Beta for TMX Group Natural Gas Exchange

When the gas goes out in your apartment, chances are someone will pay – the various members of the supply chain that move the gas from the earth to your home can face serious penalties if you're unable to stay warm or cook your food. Yet, until now, identifying just...
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Tom Serres

Co-founder, Animal Ventures Former Principal at Boston Consulting Group. Seasoned entrepreneur, public speaker, and technology executive

Bettina Warburg

Co-founder, Animal Ventures Blockchain researcher 
entrepreneur and educator

Oliver Bussmann

Global Fin-Tech Executive President- Crypto Valley Association Former Group CIO & Group Managing Director, UBS

Michael Casey

Senior Advisor, Blockchain Research at MIT Media Lab Former, Senior Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

Nolan Bauerle

Researcher, Writer and Author - Coindesk Blockchain expert & Policy Advisor in the Senate of Canada.

Primavera de Filippi

Blockchain Researcher, Berkman Center for Internet & Society - Harvard Unviersity Blockchain researcher at Harvard. Founder at - Decentralization Advocate. Permanent researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris.

Tony Scott

Former CIO - United States Federal Government Former CIO - VMware Former CIO -Microsoft

Chami Akmeemana

Director at ConsenSys, Founder, Blockchain Association of Australia Advisory Board Member Humaniq

Reshma Kamath

Juris Doctor, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Andreas Park

Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Toronto; FinTech Researcher

Soumak Chatterjee

Senior Manager, Deloitte Canada

Bill Gillies

Author and Communications Consultant

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

MIT Lecturer, NYT Columnist, Technology and Blockchain Industry Advisor

Jeremy Epstein

CEO of Never Stop Marketing Fmr VP Marketing, Sprinklr

Usman Sheikh

Partner & National Litigation Lead, Gowling WLG

Vineet Narula

MIT Sloan Fellow - Operations Strategy, Former Director of United Health Group

Prema Shrikrishna

MIT Research Assistant, Sustainability Champion, Blockchains & Supply Chain

Michele Mosca

Founder, Institute for Quantum Computing Co-founder and CEO, evolutionQ Inc.

Andrew Spence

HR & Workforce Advisor, Founder, Glass Bead Consulting

Dominique Guinard

IoT author CTO and co-founder of EVRYTHNG and

Iliana Oris-Valiente

Founder, Collider-X, Fmr. Co-Founder at Rubix by Deloitte

Bob Tapscott

Strategy Consultant and CIO of Tapscott Group

Pindar Wong

Internet Pioneer (Hong Kong) Chairman of VeriFi

Thomas A. Gardner

CTO, HP Federal Fmr CTO, Jacobs

Lawrence Orsini

Founder, LO3 Energy

Thomas Isaacson

Shareholder Polsinelli, PC

Alan Wunsche

CEO of TokenFunder Inc. Co-founder, Blockchain Canada

BIl Gillies

Author and Communications Consultant

Michael Scott

Blockchain Technology & Digital Economy Writer

Tom Baumann

Co-founder Collaborase and Xpansiv

Chloe Desmont

Head of Sales & Marketing for MKS (Switzerland) AG

Rachel Robinson

Juris Doctor, MPA, blockchain & smart contracts author.

Michael Casey

Author, "The Age of Cryptocurrency" Former Senior Columnist, Wall Street Journal

Bettina Warburg

Co-founder Animal Ventures Host, Tech on Politics

Tom Serres

Co-founder Animal Ventures Host, Tech on Politics

Oliver Bussmann

Former CIO, UBS President, Crypto Valley Association

Tony Scott

Former Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States

Primavera De Dilippi

Harvard Blockchain researcher Founder at TED Speaker Founding Member Coala Lex

Nolan Bauerle

Researcher, Writer and Author at Coindesk


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Industry Analyses

Blockchain and Financial Services Projects

  1. Transforming Commercial Banking
  2. The ICO Revolution: The Reinvention of Investment Banking?
  3. The Blockchain Actuary: New Models of Insurance
  4. Peer to Peer Finance: Distributed and Collaborative Marketplaces
  5. Blockchain and the Reinvention of Global Clearing and Settlements
  6. Trade Finance and the Blockchain
  7. State-backed Digital Currencies
  8. Gold-backed Crypto Currencies
  9. Digital Exchanges, Capital Markets & the Blockchain
  10. ICO Heat Map: Taxonomy & Characteristics of ICOs

  Blockchain Transformations by Industry

  1. Retail in the Blockchain Era
  2. Distributed Power and Distributed Ledgers
  3. Manufacturing 4.0: Making things on the Blockchain
  4. Media and Telecoms on the Blockchain
  5. Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain
  6. Reinventing Government: Reducing Costs, Improving Services, Stewarding Assets
  7. Democracy 3.0: Restoring Integrity and Legitimacy of Public Institutions
  8. Blockchain and Regulation: What Regulators Should and Should Not Do
  9. Blockchain, Student Identities, and the Next Era of Higher Education
  10. Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles on the Blockchain
  11. Blockchain and the Airline Industry
  12. Blockchain and the World of Art
  13. Blockchain and the Gold Industry
  14. Blockchain and Real Estate: How Blockchain is Transforming Land Registry
Blockchain and Management

  1. Blockchain and the CEO: Making the Case for Disruption, Leading the Transformation
  2. Blockchain and the CLO: Asset Chains – the Future of Supply Chain Management
  3. Blockchain and the CFO: Triple Entry Accounting and Corporate Finances
  4. Blockchain and the CMO: The Next Era of Sales and Marketing
  5. Blockchain and the CIO: Blockchain and Enterprise Technology Architecture
  6. Blockchain and the CHRO: Managing Talent in a Distributed Economy

Blockchain Breakthrough Ideas

  1. The Ledger of Things: Blockchain and the IoT
  2. Winning Strategies for Smart Contracts
  3. Rethinking Identity for the Blockchain World
  4. Patenting The Blockchain: Opportunities, Limitations and Pitfalls
  5. IP and Rights Management in the Blockchain Era
  6. Strategies for a Secret/Open World: Managing Blockchain Transparency
  7. Big Data in a Blockchain-Powered World
  8. The Token Economy: Rethinking Assets for the Blockchain Era
  9. Blockchain, Climate Change and Planet Stewardship
  10. The Innovator’s Dilemma: Implementing The Second Era of the Internet
  11. Building Quantum Resistant Blockchains
  12. Blockchain, Encryption, and Cybersecurity
  13. Governance in Decentralized Networks
  14. Blockchain and AI
  15. Blockchain and The Internet of Agreements
  16. Blockchain and Green Finance
  17. Blockchain Taxonomy
Lighthouse Case Studies

  1. Belt and Road: Trade Finance Along the Hong Kong-Rotterdam Route
  2. Moog: Mass Customization of Precision Parts on the Blockchain
  3. Foxconn: Can Blockchains Handle the World’s Most Complicated Supply Chain?
  4. Walmart: Food Safety on the Blockchain
  5. CarbonX: A Personal Carbon Trading Platform
  6. Interaction between Blockchain, AI, and IoT: A farming use-case
  7. Medical Research and Big Pharma
  8. IOTA Foundation, IoTWF
  9. Blockchain, Supply Chain, Customs and Borders
  10. Incent: Managing Loyalty Points on the Blockchain
  11. Social Media on the Blockchain: A New Era of Digital Communications & Data Ownership
  12. Travel and Tourism in the Blockchain Era
  13. A Governance Framework for Blockchain Use Cases
  14. CIPO: A Governance Model for Copyright Registration on the Blockchain
  15. Automotive Sector Software Updates
  16. Life Sciences Data Records and Management
  17. Use Cases of Blockchain in the Democratic Process: Votem
  18. Blockchain and Self-Adaptive Computing: Recording Youth Climate Action
  19. Product packaging and the blockchain: A pharma use-case
  20. Disberse: Applying blockchain technology to development finance
  21. BTL Group as a use-case of energy trading / private blockchain
  22. Blockchain and Distributed Autonomous Systems:


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