1. What is the Blockchain Research Institute?

We are a global, independent think-tank. We identify the strategic implications and opportunities of blockchain for business, government and society.

2. Who founded the Blockchain Research Institute?

In 2016, Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott published Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World, which remains the best-selling book on blockchain.

However, they quickly found that the book in many ways created just as many questions about blockchain as it did answers:

  • How will this technology transform specific industries?
  • What are the true challenges and limitations facing blockchain’s development today, and how can they be overcome?
  • How will it change the nature of corporations and the management of companies?
  • What will it mean for government architecture and the creation of public value?
  • How could it help to solve such global problems as climate change?

In 2017, Don and Alex founded the Institute to create a network of experts to study the various opportunities and challenges discussed in Blockchain Revolution. The program has since grown into a global think-tank, supported by many of the world’s most influential companies, governments and thought leaders.

3. What exactly are you researching?

We are conducting over 100 research projects on blockchain and associated technologies. Each project will be published in an easy to download online format, with an accompanying infographic and introductory video.

The Institute’s program focuses on ten key sectors that we expect to be impacted by blockchain:

  • Energy & Power
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Resources & Mining
  • Technology
  • Telecom

The Institute is also examining how blockchain will change these corporate roles:

  • CEO: Leadership & Strategy
  • COO: Logistics & Supply Chain
  • CLO: Smart Contracts & Legal Applications
  • CFO: Accounting & Corporate Finance
  • CIO: Enterprise Architecture
  • CHRO: Human Resources & Credentialing
  • CMO: Marketing & Advertising

We also produce “lighthouse case studies” on blockchain pilots spanning the globe. Named for their luminary character: they shed light on active blockchain innovation. These shorter projects each spotlight how a company or network of collaborators has deployed blockchain technology to solve a particular problem, and what its leaders learned from the implementation. We expect these cases to offer insights and practical takeaways not available elsewhere in previously published work, with 20 studies already underway.

4. Who’s conducting the research?

We have brought together a world class network of experts in their respective fields. Our contributors span from academics to business leaders and former government officials. You can learn more about our research directors and contributors  HERE.

5. What happens when my company joins the program?

Each member organization assigns a project liaison as its contact. This liaison should be someone who thinks strategically and has at least one day per month to interact with our team, review materials, and ensure that the organization takes full advantage of all deliverables. That person will reach out to people in the organization and let them know about the program, how to access the member portal and who should attend our all-member summits. They will also collaborate with other executives to assemble the right group and venue for the private and custom executive briefing.

6. Why should organizations join?

The Blockchain Research Institute is the only organization of its kind, bringing together nearly 40 globally recognized leaders producing intellectual property worth over $5 million.

We also dedicate significant time to assuring your organization extracts the most possible value from the research we provide. We have a strong member experience team that will work closely with you to ensure that the right people in your company are influenced by this work and have the ability to act on it. The program will include a specialized executive briefing, detailing key research areas and relevant experts, builders and potential partners for your organization in this field.

Finally, we work to bridge the gap between enterprise leaders and the pioneers in the blockchain community. The BRI’s knowledge network includes leaders not just in enterprise and government, but world-class researchers and a network of builders and pioneers in blockchain. Our all-member summits are an opportunity to bring these groups together and find opportunities for collaboration.

7. What’s your relationship with blockchain startups?

The BRI includes a special membership category reserved specifically for pioneers in the blockchain space. These pioneer organizations pay a significantly reduced fee for access to the research. Before being accepted as pioneer members, organizations are screened by the BRI’s in-house research team to ensure only leading startups are accepted.

These pioneer members also serve as a crucial added value to our other member organizations, who are given access to a network of builders vetted by our independent team.

8. Where is the research hosted?

Anyone who has a valid email address from one of our member organizations will be able to access the research simply by registering on our website. If you have any problems logging in, please contact BRI Technologist Daria Apelsinova.

9. What is the relationship of the BRI to The Tapscott Group?

The BRI is a division of the Tapscott Group, a company incorporated in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  This division of the Tapscott Group is run on a cost-recovery basis and all funds raised are allocated to conducting the BRI’s research.

10. How big is your team?

Our core team is small, with roughly 15 full-time staff orchestrating the program. However, our network of project leaders and experts is vast. We have contracted with roughly 40 global authorities on different topics. We are building a network for obvious reasons – we have found that the global expert in each industry vertical or horizontal is active in the blockchain space already, and so naturally work with a number of organizations around the world.

We hire our researchers on a contract basis to write on their specific subject of expertise, and give them the platform and audience to bring their ideas to life.