Enabling Enterprise Transformation with Blockchain

Report Overview

Author: Anthony D. Williams, Ricardo Viana Vargas, Edivandro Carlos Conforto, Tahirou Assane Oumarou
Release Date: March 23, 2020


This research focuses on blockchain as a platform for enterprise transformation in terms of operations, organizational structure, systems integration, new product development, and business model innovation. The featured case study shows how Canada’s largest digital payments company is using blockchain to seize new opportunities in the highly regulated energy and health care sectors, primarily through a blockchain-powered app that offers consumers monetary incentives paid in real time for changing their behavior. The case underscores the importance of organizational governance, culture, and fresh approaches to accessing skills and talent.

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Blockchain and the CFO

Within each industry, distributed ledger technology is influencing the value chain and the role of a CFO. This project outlines why the CFO, as the CEO’s business partner, should understand blockchain’s impact on enterprise strategy, not just on corporate finance, capital investment, and operations. It shows how blockchain could catalyze change in the near term, with finance use cases in taxation, accounting and audit processes and in digital asset payments for consumer goods, employee payroll, and cross-border transactions. In the longer term, CFOs will help make the business case for blockchain applications in trade finance, supply chain financing, and insurance. To prepare for that future, CFOs must understand token economics, initial coin offerings, and blockchain-based analytics.

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This project is an executive’s guide to the emerging field of cryptoeconomics, the study of individual and collective choices in blockchain-based environments. These environments are more difficult to change than other software ecosystems, and so their creators must design them very thoughtfully. The authors provide a framework for economic design and walk through the phases of the design process. Through the case studies of Nestlé OpenSC, AXA fizzy, and the Synaptic Health Alliance, they analyze the challenges that stakeholders face in governing blockchain projects, and they explain why many projects fail to achieve their goals. It is a must-read for anyone interested in adopting, contributing to, or participating in a new blockchain initiative.

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