Webinar: Industry Governance for Blockchain

Webinar Overview

Author: Alex Tapscott & Chris Burruss
Release Date: December 3, 2018

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Using Blockchain To Power The 5G Bypass

This research takes a deep dive into 5G and its challenges. Its authors, Charlie Morris and Dieter Fishbein, then shift the conversation to peer-to-peer mesh networks, which have the potential to disrupt the current monopolistic structure of the telecommunications industry around the world. What blockchain brings to the Internet stack is an incentive layer for rewarding participation.

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Webinar: How Blockchain Is Transforming Creative Industries

Hosted by BRI Managing Director Hilary Carter and featuring Marcus O’Dair, the Convenor of the Blockchain For Creative Industries Cluster at University of Middlesex. Marcus is the author of the BRI’s “Blockchain and the Creative Industries” project.  The webinar explores how, for the first time ever, the creators of value can maintain control over their intellectual property, and even reclaim it, using the blockchain.

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