Industry Transformations

Financial Services

Retail & Consumer Goods

Government & Democracy

Energy & Power

Higher Education



Media & Telecommunications




Strategic Implications





Supply Chain


The Program Deliverables

Program findings are restricted to members, although top line results may be communicated openly.  We will conduct a number of projects as outlined above and create a deliverable or deliverables for each which could include a report, deck, data set, website, tools, MOOC, or other device for sharing results.  We will also hold a final summit, with attendance restricted to program members and faculty, where program results will be shared and discussed.

1.     Reports and Tools that share program conclusions and enable member organizations to interact with this content

2.     Monthly webinars

3.     A custom executive briefing from Don Tapscott and/or Alex Tapscott at the member’s location, at a mutually agreed upon time and date

4.     At least one all member summit

5.     A private website for presentation of deliverables and communication among members

Industry Analyses

Blockchain and Financial Services Projects

  1. Will Savings and Payments Become a Free Utility? What’s a Commercial and Retail Bank to do?
  2. The ICO Revolution: The Reinvention of Investment Banking?
  3. The Blockchain Actuary: New Models of Insurance for the Second Era of the Internet
  4. Triple Entry Bookkeeping and the Reinvention of the Audit Firm
  5. Smart Contracts in Financial Services
  6. Tokenization in Financial Services
  7. Distributed and Collaborative Marketplaces: Blockchain and the Peer-to-Peer Financial Markets

  Blockchain Transformations by Industry

  1. Retail in the Blockchain Era
  2. Distributed Power and Distributed Ledgers
  3. Blockchain: The Emerging Platform for Manufacturing 4.0
  4. Media and Content on the Blockchain
  5. The Technology Industry and the Second Era of the Internet
  6. Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain
  7. Reinventing Government: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (thank you, Blockchain)
  8. Blockchain and the Second Era of Democracy
  9. What’s a Central Bank to do in a Decentralized Economy?
  10. Blockchain: What Regulators Should and Should Not Do
  11. Blockchain, Student Identities, and the Next Era of Higher Education
  12. Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles on the Blockchain

Blockchain and Management

  1. Blockchain and the CLO: Asset Chains – the Future of Supply Chain Management
  2. Blockchain and the CFO: Triple Entry Accounting and Corporate Finances
  3. Blockchain and the CMO: The Next Era of Sales and Marketing
  4. Blockchain and the CIO: Blockchain and Enterprise Technology Architecture
  5. Blockchain and the CHRO: Managing Talent in a Distributed Economy

Blockchain Breakthrough Ideas

  1. The Ledger of Everything: Blockchain and the IoT
  2. Winning Strategies for Smart Contracts
  3. Rethinking Identity for the Blockchain World
  4. Patenting The Blockchain: Opportunities, Limitations and Pitfalls (includes the “Blockchain Patent Inventory”)
  5. IP and Rights Management in the Blockchain Era
  6. Strategies for a Secret/Open World: Managing Blockchain Transparency
  7. Big Data in a Blockchain-Powered World
  8. The Token Economy: Rethinking Assets for the Blockchain Era
  9. Blockchain, Climate Change and Planet Stewardship
  10. The Innovator’s Dilemma is Dead: Implementing The Second Era of the Internet
  11. Building Quantum Resistant Blockchains

Lighthouse Case Studies

  1. Belt and Road: Trade Finance Along the Hong Kong-Rotterdam Route
  2. Moog: Mass Customization of Precision Parts on the Blockchain
  3. Foxconn: Can Blockchains Handle the World’s Most Complicated Supply Chain?
  4. Walmart: Food Safety on the Blockchain
  5. CarbonX: A Personal Carbon Trading Platform
  6. Incent: Managing Loyalty Points on the Blockchain
  7. The Akasha Project: A new social media platform for the Blockchain Era
  8. SingularDTV: Content Creation and Distribution on the Blockchain
  9. Property and Land Titles: Transforming Land Registry on the Blockchain
  10. Interaction between Blockchain, AI, and IoT
  11. Medical Research and Big Pharma
  12. Social Scalability and Public Blockchain Adoption
  13. IOTA Foundation, IoTWF
  14. Expedited Business Startups Using Blockchain
  15. Extractive Industries Reporting
  16. Automotive Sector Software Updates
  17. Life Sciences Data Records and Management